Video training

A new way to train more efficiently

Vyfe is a video training tool that allows to film, sequence, make a live analysis and debrief on real work situations. This training technic aims to be simple and efficient. It is made in order to work deeply on determined skills.

Create your observation grid

Edit your grid and add all the criteria (tags) you want to analyse. You are entirely free during the creation : number of criteria, their nature, color…

Select your video format

Choose how you want to use Vyfe. You have different options : upload a video, record your screen, use your webcam or capture from a smartphone/tablet.

Time to tag, analyse, and debrief

You can now make your live analysis while recording your video thanks to your observation grid. You will see your timeline and your tags on it. After that, it is time to debrief more efficiently by going through your tags in your timeline and rewatch interesting moments of your video.

Create your knowledge library

Upload your tagged and analysed videos on the Vyfe platform to make your own knowledge bank with all the good practices thanks to your detailed content.

Take a closer look at Vyfe use cases

In person trainings

Vyfe can be used during your in-person trainings in order to make live analysis on simulated situations. Repetition and trainings put your trainees’ skills improvement first thanks to a continual work on good and bad practices.

Work-based trainings

One of the best way to use Vyfe is during real work situations. Train your co-workers and employee directly during their work activity. It is an excellent method to settle trainings in their professional reality et boost their efficiency.

Remote trainings

Thanks to the Vyfe platform, you can strenghten your trainees’ savoir-faire by making them visit your detailed videos library. You and your trainees also have the possibility to upload some videos that will be analysed remotely.

Vyfe method

I train myself

I use repetition and training on filmed simulated situation (role-play...).

I perform

I put what I learned into practice and I use the peer coaching to have very good feedbacks.

I learn

Thanks to the knowledge library, I rewatch detailed videos and consolidate what Iearned.

of the informations are lost

when the trainee is just listening passively.

of the informations are memorized

when the trainee practices in real situation.

of the informations are lost

7 days after the training if it is only theoretical.

Increase the level of interactions thanks to collaborative sessions

Empower your trainees

Launch a collaborative session to allow your trainees to analyze themselves and their peers.

More commitment, more efficiency

Put teamwork and commtiment first and increase trainees’ attention and memorization. 

More details, better feedbacks

Enrich your feedbacks by making your trainees participate. Take into account their analysis and compare their points of view.

Stimulate peers interactions

Get your trainees to interact more with their peers and their trainers. Your trainings will be more lively and interesting.

"No one ever went bankrupt by spending too much in trainings" - Tom Peters

You want to boost your trainings thanks to video feedback?

Whether your are a company, a school, a training organization or an independant coach, video training with Vyfe is going to boost your activity.

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