use video to train your sales team

DEVELOP YOUR sales enablement

There is a word for all the actions you do and the ressources you give to boost your sales team’s efficiency : the Sales Enablement. Training, role play, content creation, sales support tools, all of these are part of the Sales Enablement process. This concept is very developed in B2B industries and now it take more and more importance in all kinds of business. With Vyfe, you encourage trainings and progression on all the selling cornerstones your team needs to master.

Why using video to train your sales team ?

Trainings, onboarding, in-house trainings, soft skills focus, knowledges sharing, content creation… Override your competitors and their sales force by giving to yours a unique training tool that allows them to really secure their skills. Make them actors of their own progression. The time of dull and unilateral trainings is over, place in the video trainings and good practices sharing !

"By investing in training you combine, now and tomorrow, your care about people and your results expectations" - Philippe Bloch

They use vyfe to train their sales force

You are interested in video training and want to talk about it?

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