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Improve your skills thanks to video training

Go beyond learning, start training

Video training as a pedagogical tool is a method based on repetition and feedback in order to train more efficiently. Vyfe count on genuine situations’ analysis to learn and boost performances.

The strenght of training in a situation

You need to train to perform. It seems obvious but repetition and feedbacks are often abandoned because short courses are preferred. Inspired by top athletes methods, video training involve detailed analysis of work situations in order to boost skills acquisition.

Upgrade your trainings


Increase interaction between trainers and trainees and also between trainees themselves by using digital tools known by everyone and thanks to Vyfe’s effort to stimulate reciprocity.


Make collaboration first during practice and training thanks to peer analysis. Give your trainees the opportunity to fix their soft and hard skills by analysing each other.


Boost your trainees’ commitment and attention by involving directly in their own training. This way, you stimulate trainees’ memorizing and make your training course more efficient.

A tool dedicated to soft skills

Soft skills, also known as social and behavioural comptences, are now generally considered as essential in a work environment. Attitude, social behaviour, pitch or change adaptation, there are many different soft skills that we all have to master in our professionnal life.

By using video format, Vyfe is the ideal tool to make live detailed analysis of many situations in which different soft skills are required.

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conflict management

MOVEMENTS & postures

health & safety

they trust us

Bettina Rosconval -
HR Training Manager, Crédit Agricole Immobilier

I have been using videoscopy for decades during my trainings. Video format have often been a time-consuming tool. Thanks to Vyfe technologies, it is simpler, more efficient and educational. It allows us to focus on soft skills and improve our managers' performances. With Vyfe they even forget they are in trainings.

Laëtitia Barrere -
Associate Director
RH Performances

We implemented Vyfe in our training programs several months ago. Even if at the beginning we used it on recruitment and pitch trainings, little by little we expanded Vyfe's use to management and sales. We appreciate the possibility to analyse our own criteria and chose the debriefing focus.

Isabelle Bouvier -
Teacher - Coach, Les Ateliers du Devenir

I use Vyfe for my sales and management trainings. This technology allows me to make simple video analysis and I absolutely need that to do a truly good job. I use it everyday and I really appreciate the Vyfe support team reactivity when I needed them.

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